5 Necessary Repairs to Expect on a Fixer-Upper

Photo by Derek Torsani on Unsplash

Are you considering buying a fixer-upper property? There’s no denying that with a little effort and dedication, a fixer-upper can turn out to be a great investment. However, it’s essential to be aware of the recommended repairs that come along with it. Old and unmaintained properties can have plenty of surprises when you start to renovate. This blog post has compiled five necessary repairs that you should expect when working on a fixer-upper.

Foundation Repairs

One of the most significant issues you might come across when dealing with an old house is foundation problems. Foundation damage can become more apparent with age and weather, leading to unstable building supports, cracks, and general structural instability. Foundation repairs are, unfortunately, costly, but they’re necessary when working on a fixer-upper. Please have a professional inspector verify the condition of the foundation and be open to investing in foundation repairs.

HVAC System and AC Replacement

Depending on the climate, it is important to have an adequate HVAC system and air conditioning unit in place. HVAC replacement or repairs can be a significant investment, but it might be necessary, especially if the system is outdated or has not seen regular maintenance. You may find that an ac replacement is necessary if you’re living in hot climates, and the current unit can’t keep up with the demand. If you need to replace your air conditioning unit, consult a professional HVAC technician to assess your needs and find the right fit for your property.

Roof Repairs

Another significant repair is roof repair or replacement. An old and poorly maintained roof can cause significant problems such as water damage, mold, and structural problems. A new roof installation can significantly increase the value of your fixer-upper and secure a safe home. Consult a professional roofer to inspect your roof and determine the extent of the damage and what repairs should be made.

Electrical Wiring

If the wiring in your property is quite old, ungrounded, and the outlets are outdated, it’s important to upgrade it. While it can be a costly investment, it’s worth it to keep you and your loved ones safe. An outdated electrical system can be hazardous and lead to fires. A rewiring project can be an immense undertaking, but it’s an essential repair to ensure your fixer-upper is a safe home.

Plumbing Updates

Just like your electrical system, plumbing systems also need to be upgraded from time to time. If you have an older home, chances are the pipes are also old and outdated. Older pipes may be made from materials that are no longer considered safe, such as lead. It’s crucial to update the plumbing to avoid leaks, water damage, and potential health issues due to old pipes. Consult a professional plumber to determine the plumbing updates necessary to bring your fixer-upper up to code.

When working on a fixer-upper, it’s important to anticipate the necessary repairs and upgrades that come with an older property. By accepting and expecting these necessary repairs, you can plan accordingly and allocate your budget accordingly. Don’t be deterred by fixer-uppers, as they can be a fantastic investment with the right mindset and resources. Remember to work with professionals when it comes to significant repairs such as foundation work, an HVAC unit upgrade, roof repairs, electrical wiring, and plumbing updates. With the proper investment and guidance, your fixer-upper can become a beautiful and safe home for years to come.

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