Improve Exterior of Homes With These 4 Techniques

Exteriors of Homes
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These easy and effective exterior design ideas give your home a vibrant, timeless makeover. Refresh your house’s curb appeal with advice on improving the look of your home’s siding, windows and shutters, front doors, outdoor lighting, and yard landscaping.

Re-Paint the Exterior

One of the easiest ways to improve the exterior of your house is to repaint it in a new and vibrant color. A fresh coat of paint can instantly bring life to your home’s façade, brightening its appearance and making it stand out.

Choosing the Right Color

When selecting colors for your exterior, make sure they’re harmonious and complement each other, and reflect the style of your home – remember that it should be a single unified look. Consider colors that match the natural landscape around you and enhance it.

Choose the Correct Paint

Ensure you use high-quality materials such as excellent exterior-grade primer and paint with ultraviolet-resistant properties so your house can withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and other outdoor elements.

High Gloss

If you’re looking for a sleek look, consider a high-gloss finish that reflects light for maximum shine.

Eggshell or Satin

On the other hand, if minimal maintenance is what you want, opt for an eggshell or satin matte finish that offers a subtle sheen and is mildew-resistant.


Flat exterior paint will offer the most protection from UV rays and harsh elements but requires frequent re-applications as it quickly fades in the sun.


When repainting, take the time to perform necessary repairs such as repairing or replacing old, damaged boards. Moreover, proper sanding is necessary if applying paint over existing paint layers, especially if loose or uneven paint is present. Make sure to pressure wash all surfaces before adding primer and paint, and allow for the proper amount of time for the surfaces to dry thoroughly before you begin.

It’s All About the Details

In addition to color, adding decorative details such as trim along the windows or door frames can add a unique element to your home and set it apart from others in your neighborhood. You might also consider faux finishes like stucco and textured paint or even opt for novelty siding, such as simulated brick, that can enhance the look of your home.

exterior of homes
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Update and Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can say much about your home, so make sure it makes a good impression. From the lawn to the mailbox, homeowners can make plenty of simple updates to increase their home’s curb appeal. Try to think of the overall picture instead of focusing on elements – your goal should be creating balance.

  • Spruce up any gardens close to the building and pull out any weeds or overgrown grass from surrounding areas.
  • Add a water fountain and colorful flowers while checking any lights and decorations are in working order.
  • Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean and up to code.
  • Check the paint around the frames of doors and windows and any siding that may have chips or sections of color difference.
  • If you’re feeling extra creative, add unique lighting accents like lamps, chandeliers, patio lights, etc.
  • Are your shutters outdated? Shutters are generally easy to replace and make an impressive change to the appearance of the home’s exterior. If you can’t replace them, consider painting them thoroughly before painting and watch out for hidden wasps nests.
  • If you’re looking to upgrade a mailbox, choose one that fits in with the size, style, and color of your home, but also make sure it meets postal regulations.
  • Don’t forget the front door! Completely replacing it isn’t necessary; repainting or updating hardware is often enough to give this feature an updated look.
  • Ensure all the shrubs and trees are trimmed and well-maintained, as overgrown greenery can make a landscape look unkempt.
  • Leave no stone unturned – check lighting fixtures, gutter guards, and roofing for any repairs that may be needed. Ensure everything looks clean, uniform, and updated.
  • Pressure wash where needed – driveways, walkways, and the outside of your house should all look polished and presentable.
  • Update exterior decor pieces like planters if they feel tired or weather-beaten.
  • Lastly, declutter any areas near your entryway or driveway, making everything seem much more welcoming for visitors and potential buyers!

Install Outdoor Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting is an excellent way to make your home more attractive and inviting after the sun goes down. Various beautiful and practical options, including lantern-style lighting, solar lights, and mini spotlights, are available. Spotlights can highlight some trees, gardens, or even architectural details of the building. Try string or fairy lights around any verandas or windows on your home’s exterior for extra style.

Added Security

Outdoor lighting also provides security to your property by illuminating pathways and any dark corners around the home that could attract burglars. Installing preventative measures such as motion sensor lights or built-in adjustable lighting can act as a deterrent while still providing the elegant ambiance you desire and preserving the aesthetic of your home.

Highlights the Homes Best Features

Additionally, outdoor lighting can add charm and sophistication to the architecture of your exterior. Hanging lanterns, wall sconces, or string lights create an inviting atmosphere that will impress guests. Furthermore, these light fixtures come in various styles and designs, so you can choose something that fits your style. Your home will shine from any angle with the appropriate placement of accents, such as pathway lighting or porch lights.

Incorporate Landscaping and Hardscaping Features

Incorporating landscaping and hardscaping features into your outdoor design can help improve the look and functionality of your outdoor space.

  • Install new walkways, seating walls, patios, decks, and special lighting to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Add shrubs and flower beds against the building’s exterior for a pop of color.
  • Installing garden sculptures and water features in raised gardens boosts curb appeal and makes it a pleasant place to relax or entertain.
  • Hardscaping features such as rock beds and walls can help distinguish the property lines.
  • Well-designed landscape designs provide visual interest and balance.
  • Make sure to use plants native to your area for a natural look that requires minimal maintenance throughout the year.
  • Along with installing these features, talk to a local landscaper about adding a drip irrigation system to keep your plants hydrated most effectively.
  • Patio sets with comfortable cushions offer an inviting atmosphere while providing enough seating to accommodate several people.
  • For luxurious appeal, adding a fire pit in the center can provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for those outside at night.
  • Plus, if you need additional options for privacy, try placing some planters filled with tall shrubs around the edges of your exterior space.

Final Thoughts

The exterior of your home is the first part people often notice when visiting or passing by. Improving the curb appeal will improve its value and create a welcoming atmosphere for any guests. With these ideas, you can make your house look more attractive and keep it looking great all year round!

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