Struggling to Keep Your Home Clean? 4 Renovations to Make Tidiness Easier

Tidiness Easier
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Everyone wants to live in a clean and organized home, but let’s be honest, sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle. Whether it’s due to a busy schedule, lack of motivation, or just the messiness that comes with life, it’s easy to let clutter and dirt accumulate. But what if there were ways to make it easier to keep your home clean? With a few strategic home renovations, you can make tidiness easier. In this blog post, we’ll explore four home renovations that can make it easier to keep your home clean and clutter-free.

Install Built-in Storage

One of the most effective ways to keep clutter at bay is to have enough storage space. And what better way to do that than by installing built-in storage? Built-in storage can be installed anywhere in your home – from your living room to your bathroom – and can help to keep your space tidy by giving you a designated place to store all of your items. It can also help to keep your home looking sleek and tidy, as everything will be neatly tucked away. Consider adding additional built in storage in your bedroom closets to make putting laundry away less of a daunting task. 

Upgrade Your Flooring

If you’re struggling to keep your home clean, your floors may be to blame. Carpets, in particular, can trap dirt and dust, making it difficult to keep them clean. By upgrading your flooring to hardwood or tile flooring, you’ll have an easier time sweeping and mopping up any messes. Plus, a sleek new floor can help to give your home a fresh, updated look.

Add a Mudroom

If you’re constantly tripping over shoes and jackets as you enter your home, it may be time to consider adding a mudroom. A mudroom is a designated space in your home – typically near the front door – where you can store shoes, coats, and other outdoor items. Not only will a mudroom keep your home cleaner – as it will prevent dirt and debris from being tracked inside – it will also make your home more organized by giving you a place to store all of your outdoor gear. Make this space even more organized by adding built in shelves and coat hangers. This will help you keep things tidy and all of your supplies tucked away. 

Install a Central Vacuum System

Vacuuming can be a chore, but it’s an essential task when it comes to keeping your home clean. Installing a central vacuum system – which consists of a motor unit, piping, and inlets – can make vacuuming easier and more efficient. With a central vacuum system, there’s no need to drag a heavy vacuum cleaner from room to room – simply attach the hose to one of the inlets and you’re ready to go. Plus, because the system is built into your home, it will produce less noise and dust than a traditional vacuum cleaner. If you are interested in a central vacuum system, contact a professional who can help you get one set up. 

Keeping your home clean and organized doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By implementing a few strategic home renovations – like installing built-in storage, upgrading your floors, adding a mudroom, and installing a central vacuum system – you can make tidiness easier. There are many other ways you may be able to make your home easier to maintain. So why not make life easier on yourself and take the first step towards a cleaner, clutter-free home?

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