The History Behind Why Valentine Day is Celebrated

why valentine day is celebrated
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Valentine’s Day is a day of love and appreciation. It’s a day to show our loved ones how much we care about them, regardless of what form that love takes. This can be done through sweet messages left on their pillow, thoughtful cards and thoughtful gifts, or just spending quality time together doing an activity they enjoy. We will take a look at the history behind why Valentine Day is celebrated and also some ways to celebrate.

On Valentine’s Day people express their feelings in different ways, from gifts to dinners out with loved ones to heartfelt messages and words of affirmation. Sharing these tokens of love is an integral part of the celebration, symbolizing the genuine affection one person has for another.

History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – a day of love, romance, and better living. But did you know its history dates back centuries? It is often thought that the holiday originated from a Roman festival called Lupercalia but historians argue this connection is tenuous at best.

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Some believe it began as part of Christian martyrdom honoring Saint Valentine who was imprisoned and later executed for secretly marrying couples against the orders of the emperor at the time. Others assert that it stemmed from cultural ceremonies held in Europe to welcome springtime better living. Whichever theory is true, Valentine’s Day remains embedded in many people’s hearts around the globe today as a day of love!

The tradition of Valentine’s Day cards

The tradition of exchanging cards on Valentine’s Day has its roots in 17th century England when it was reported that people celebrated this special day by tying some written expressions of love around the necks of doves and sending them off into the sky to affix romantic sentiments upon unsuspecting recipients below.

Valentine Day ideas to celebrate

Besides simply giving cards or gifts, many couples may also go out for dinner or participate in activities together as a couple in order to celebrate their relationship or friendship on Valentine’s Day weekend – making it all the more special! Regardless of how you choose to spend your day with your significant other, being able to show appreciation in whatever medium feels right is an incredibly significant practice when it comes to feeling Happy Valentines Day! 

Here are some ideas for a Valentine date night fun and romantic

  • Romantic candlelight dinner at home
  • go bowling
  • Planning a scavenger hunt for your significant other
  • attend a comedy show
  • Go to a concert together
  • go ice skating
  • have an indoor picnic complete with fondue
  • watch the sunrise or sunset at the beach
  • cooking classes
  • a romantic movie marathon.
  • Book an overnight stay in your own city.
  • Recreate your first date with a twist.
  • Enjoy a Groupon experience
  • Go to a Selfie Experience location
  • Have a coffee date at a nice coffee shop

Singles can celebrate, too!

Not only does this holiday extend itself for those who are romantically involved with someone else, but it can also extend itself as a way for singles, too! It’s important not just to think about Valentine’s celebrating themselves but everyone else who may be single and still needs/wants to feel appreciated and happy on this special occasion – whether it be friends appreciating one another through Secret Admirer mailings/gift exchanges or participating in fun activities like taking yourself out for a movie night. You can get together with other singles and have a gathering at one’s house. Don’t forget to bring a unique hostess gift to celebrate!

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What is more important than celebrating?

Additionally more important than receiving gifts is spreading kindness! Unconditional love is key when exchanging kind words or gestures during this time period – regardless if you know the person you’re exchanging something with well or if they’re someone you just interact regularly with – pay attention to others during this time because you never know what they could use that little bit extra help with throughout February 14th activity-wise! 


Last but not least: self-love is incredibly important; appreciate yourself and take note at how far you have come since last year’s celebrations (or whenever you celebrated your own). Self-care practices such as going out and treating yourself are encouraged in order get into the full spirit (in whatever way brings YOU joy)!

Final Thoughts on why Valentine Day is celebrated

Ultimately, why Valentine’s Day is celebrated remains a mystery to some; however, its roots lie in spreading love and appreciation for one another – no matter the form or recipient! Whether that be sending cards with messages of love to those closest to you, going out on a romantic date night together, or celebrating singlehood with friends and family – why it is celebrated should be just as important to remember as the day itself. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and there is no better way to remind someone of your love for them than on Valentine’s Day. So why not celebrate it? The world needs a little more love, after all!

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